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Brief Overview

Lieutenant Darren Ortis is currently a pilot for the Rebel ship The Bravado. He values duty, honor, and loyalty above all else. His grudge against the Empire runs very deep and he believes they should be punished without mercy. He is willing to sacrifice his life for the Rebellion cause.


Early Life

Born on Corusant in 35 BBY, Darren was the eldest of four brothers. He wasn't one for book learning and instead gained an education in the streets of the city. Though the Ortis's were poor, they shared all the work and all the struggles. Darren's parents also liked to voice their opinions about politics. More often than not his father would go to meetings against his wife's wishes. "Dangerous business" she called it. "If you find yourself doing something dangerous," his father would say, "make sure it's one hell of a way to go before you do it." His father died on his 15th birthday (20 BBY)in a rally against the Empire's police action on the planet, leaving the family even more destitute. His mother became an outlandish supporter against the Empire and an alcoholic. Darren was determined to keep his family going. While keeping his mother in check Darren eventually made enough money to get his family off the planet.

After getting off Corusant, Darren and his family found themselves on Ghorman. His mother found the new environment calming and Darren and his brothers finally started living normal lives. Though they had not nearly of gone far enough to escape the Empire. New taxation roused the planet into protest. His mother naturally got involved. Darren protested but even his brothers showed interest and backed mother. Outnumbered by his family he reluctantly went to the protest.

Darren will never forget the horror of that day. The rally was really heating up and hundreds had turned out to prevent any Imperial vessels from landing. All was going well until Wilhuff Tarkin landed his ship directly on top of the protesters. Darren barely escaped but his entire family was crushed. No bodies were recovered.

Tarkin and the Alliance

Darren had lost everything and had nowhere and nobody to turn to. So he turned to Tarkin. Doing whatever he could, Darren sought the man that had taken everything from him. Tarkin was promoted to admiral for his actions in the Ghorman Massacre and was nearly unreachable for someone like Darren. He thus resorted to underground groups and associations that sought to destroy the empire. His anger would simmer under rouge training and sabotage missions against the Empire. Eventually Darren joined the Alliance and became an excellent marksman and pilot. Yet all the while he knew that all of this would bring him closer to Tarkin.

When the Battle of Yavin took place, Darren was almost delirious with rage. He wanted nothing more than to ram his X-Wing into the Death Star's bridge and send that heartless meat bag to his maker. Yet not all things go as planned and certainly not all revenges. The Death Star was destroyed in an instant and with it, Tarkin. Almost simultaneously, Darren disappeared. He was found nearly starved to death aboard his X-Wing nearly a week later. He had run out of fuel searching the remains of the Death Star for Tarkin's body.


Having accomplished nothing and having failed at even the comfort of suicidal revenge, Darren surrendered himself as a weapon for the Alliance. Tarkin may be gone, but the Empire, the puppet master, still thrived. He would destroy them all. He would bury his past and become a solider of death. Though, underneath, there is still a man with a good heart.

The X-Wing Mortis

The X-Wing Mortis is a modified T-65B X-Wing. Normal laser cannons have been removed and replaced with heavy ones. It's most striking feature is its entirely coat of paint. The entire interior and exterior of the ship is black (except for safety items). The ship also has an astromech droid named Arch 1.

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