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Sen-Do Turu, enjoying a nightcap and arguing politics after a hard days work.

Brief Overview

One of few, Sen-Do Turu is a male Cerean, and a pilot of no small regard in Corsair Squadron. Though not committed to a bond-wife, he has many partners in different places across the many systems he has visited, children with most of them. He enjoys flying for the technology it puts him in touch with, and for the honor that comes with it. When not flying, he is often dressed in casual attire, smoking and drinking, and educating himself on the politics of the many systems he has 'families' in. He is hardheaded and sure of himself to a fault.

Early Life

Sen-Do has always known that he had a special gift with machines. Whether he was designing new and intriguing gadgets or working for an engineering or architectural firm, he has had a great joy for drawing on his very technical knowledge. But the only thing that aroused his interest more than his interest in machines (or his biological advantage of being one of a limited number of males in the cerean species) was politics.

Though not of a strong temperament to actually take a cabinet himself, Sen-Do has been quiet and introspective long enough to develop a moral compass that he follows without wavering. He knows that force wins conflict; he knows that technology trumps anger; he knows that compassion bleeds justice.

He is unflinchingly opposed to the rule of the Empire, and was pessimistic about its toppling, until the destruction of the Death Star. Following this event, he found a cause to fight back. Although his basic belief infrastructure was shattered (resistance beat dominance, small beat large, compassion trumped firepower), he has managed to convince himself that the Alliance has always been the superior force.

He is convinced of his own correctness, and loathe to listen to opposition.

On Joining Corsair

Strong willed and committed, Sen-Do did not believe in his crusade until after it had proved its effectiveness. He is the typical hardheaded pilot, and determined to show that he is not only a master of machinery, but an integral part of the machine that will destroy the empire. Sen-Do likes to win, and that's the exact reason that Captain Avalar chose him for Corsair Squadron.

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